Have a read of the below information to get an idea of what this course contains and how it will be delivered. 

What This Course Will Help You Do

  1. Get a clear picture of your outcome goals, and understand what changes you need to make to get there.
  2. Understand the basics of nutrition, and how you can take what you’re doing now and make small adjustments to get a little bit better and develop some consistency, leading to long-term sustainable progress.
  3. Learn strategies to ensure you’re getting enough water and operating at your highest potential.
  4. Find limiting factors that are holding you back from gaining muscle, losing body fat or feeling your best.
  5. Identify what behaviours will help you achieve progress, and how you can work them into your life.
  6. Build shopping skills at the grocery store.
  7. Understand meal building, cooking skills, and how to order at a restaurant in alignment with your goals.
  8. Build an environment that is conducive to what you want, and ignite social support with family and friends. 

Who This Course is For

EventFit offers this course for you if you:

  • … want to lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger, and feel better.
  • ... feel more energised at busy days on the yard
  • … are confused by diet programs or templates and are not sure how to make sense of it all.
  • … can’t decide which diet is “the best" one and need direction to figure that out.
  • ... find it difficult to eat healthily around a busy equestrian lifestyle.
  • … are ready to eat healthier, and just need the motivation and guidance on exactly how to do that.
  • … feel confused about your goals, and know that some of them are conflicting.
  • … know that you need a “complete overhaul” but don’t know where to start.
  • … aren’t sure if you should go high carb, low carb, or no carb.
  • … can’t seem to get support from friends or family when it comes to making lifestyle changes.

Tangible Takeaways

  1. Knowing exactly what you want. Understanding the specifics of what you want from your nutrition is the best way to get you there. There’s a dream version of yourself somewhere in your future, and together we can paint the picture to really understand what that means for you.
  2. Learning how to eyeball how much you should be eating; no measuring or math required.
  3. Understanding and eliminating nutritional deficiencies (odds are you have one).
  4. Finding the easiest way to make progress, and building on that.
  5. Making tiny changes in your day-to-day life that reap big rewards.
  6. Shopping for what you WANT and what you NEED.
  7. Making delicious food that helps you feel great and have more energy.
  8. Learning how to talk to friends and family about your lifestyle changes, and get them on board.

The idea of this course is that you complete a module a week and it will take you 8 weeks to work through the material. Of course, you can choose to complete the course at your own pace too!

Course Curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Module 1: Your Goals

  • 3

    Module 2: Nutrition Basics

  • 4

    Module 3: Hydration

    • Module 3: Hydration

    • The importance of hydration

    • Hydration and Dieting

    • Symptoms of Dehydrationn

    • Electrolytes

    • Hydration Techniques

    • Task 1: Fluid Tracking

  • 5

    Module 4: Limiting Behaviours

    • Module 4: Limiting Factors

    • What are Limiting Factors?

    • What we can't control

    • Task 1: Identifying Limiting Factors

  • 6

    Module 5: Eating Habits

    • Module 5: Eating Habits

    • Eating too Quickly or Mindlessly

    • Recognising Hunger and Fullness

    • Irregular Eating Habits

    • Task: Eating Behaviour Journal

  • 7

    Module 6: Shopping Skills

    • Module 6: Shopping Skills

    • Task: Shopping Prep

    • Task : Purchasing Circumstances

    • Shopping Tips

  • 8

    Module 7: Food Skills and Eating Out

    • Module 7: Food Skills and Eating Out

    • Creating Your Meals

    • Ingredient Preparation

    • Lets get cooking!

    • Eating Out Guides

  • 9

    Module 8: Equestrian Lifestyle and Competition Nutrition

    • Module 8: Your Environment

    • Your Environment

    • Designing your Environment

    • Coupling Habits

    • Task 1: Habit Tracking

    • Family and Friends

    • Kitchen Environment

    • Task 2: Traffic Light System

    • BONUS: Equestrian Competition Nutrition

  • 10

    Well done and Thank you!

    • Congratulations!


As a busy rider I know how difficult it can be to fit good nutrition habits into your lifestyle

This online nutrition course will set you free of those limitations and set you up for a great relationship with food in 2021

About your coach

Dr Jenni Douglas has a PhD in Rider Performance and is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science and is owner of EventFit Equestrian Performance and Fitness